Sunday, 8 September 2019

September's Urban Sketch

I managed to grab a couple of hours on Saturday to join our local Urban Sketchers group at St. Augustine's Church, Even Swindon.

The church was built in the early 1900's and is closely surrounded by housing, so a good view of the outside of the building was difficult to find.

Inside, my photo does not do justice to the magnificent, semi-circular apse.  The images of Christ, Mary Magdalene and St. Augustine were painted in the late 1980s, with a stunning background of gold leaf.  I was very rusty after a couple of months without keeping up my drawing practice and my attempt to get this aspect down on paper failed miserably, so I found a viewpoint in the narrow strip of garden bounding one side of the building.

Pen, watercolour with touches of oil pastel
5" x 8"

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Sketches from the past ..

Continuing with my delve into work from the past .....

This was a postcard size watercolour painting of a
scene on the Norfolk Broads

An imaginary book cover illustration for one of
our art group's competitions

A scene from the Italianate style village of Portmeirion, North Wales, where we
were lucky enough to rent a cottage for a few days many years ago.  This village
was the backdrop for the television series "The Prisoner".

Saturday, 31 August 2019

Three colour landscapes

Several years ago, my local art group set the evening's two hour workshop members the task of producing a landscape with just three colours.

Instead of going for just one image, I decided to try the idea out on a very small scale (about 3.5" x 2.5") and produced four experimental paintings.  The subjects were imaginary and were only intended as exploratory colour sketches - an interesting exercise.  I am not sure if I used the same three colours for all the sketches (I can only find one original in my old files, but my notes indicate that I used Rose Madder Genuine, Cobalt Orange and Cobalt Blue on Saunders cold pressed 300lb watercolour paper - the first image shown below).

Monday, 26 August 2019

Birthday fold book

With a dear friend's birthday coming up, I had to make room for a bit of time in the studio for this fold book (my current favourite structure).

Handprinted using ink, acrylic and gesso on both sides of
an A4 sheet of printer paper (finished size approx. 4" x 5")

Thursday, 15 August 2019

Monday, 12 August 2019

Floral sketches

At this time of the year our garden is over-run with Japanese anemones and I have sketched them many times in the past.

Saturday, 10 August 2019

Images from the archives

Summer House, Chirk Castle, Wales
A small plein air sketch 

Another pen and wash sketch from a photo taken on holiday