Sunday, 20 January 2019

Friday, 18 January 2019

Clematis - work in progress

January has not been very productive in the art room, but I have started to plan a painting.  A spare section of one of my painted background papers has been modified with further colour washes and I am hoping to use it for another floral subject.

The paper is tall and narrow (about 4.5" x 13") so I thought a climbing plant would be perfect.  I have sketched some clematis flowers using my own photos and previous drawings; the next step is to arrange them to fit the format of my paper and decide how to make the flowers stand out from the busy background.

Detail of the background paper
Inks, gesso stamped pattern, gold acrylic spatter

Pencil studies

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Urban Sketchers Swindon

Saturday, 5th January - Our first meeting of 2019 with only a few of us turning up at the Brunel Shopping Centre.  Myself and a friend opted for a hot drink and a seat in the cafe in centre of the ground floor, with a view of a toy shop window.  I did more chatting than sketching and chose this simple soft toy study.  Then, after giving up on trying to capture the constant flow of shoppers, we made an effort to sketch each other.

The Snowman - pen, Inktense pencils and white gel pen

Maija - pencil

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Another pocket book

The A3 sheet of printed paper I made a couple of days ago has already found a use.  I sponged the reverse side with pearlescent and blue acrylic ink and made just one section of the folded pocket book structure. A matching paper flower was added to the front, birthday greetings printed onto card for the inside pockets and a tiny lavender envelope for the back pocket.

Finished size 4" x 5"

Sunday, 30 December 2018

New lino block

Not a great deal of artwork done over the Christmas period, but I did get round to carving a new lino block yesterday.  I tried it out on an A3 sheet of paper which had previously been lightly sponged with blue and green inks.

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I used white gesso as my printing medium which didn't stand out very well on the pale background so, once dry,  I added a random wash of watery blue acrylic ink to enhance the pattern.  I finished off with a splatter of dark blue, then silver acrylic.  The design is still very subtle and the paper will be probably be used for some form of folded book.

The block started off as a 4" square, but since printing with it I decided to trim the design for a more organic shape.

Monday, 24 December 2018

Christmas Greetings

Wishing you all a Joyful Christmas and a Peaceful New Year

Lino print on book page, coloured with Inktense pencils, gel pens and
silver acrylic ink.
Christmas Greetings - computer print over ink sponged paper

This is not quite how my card for this year was envisioned.  My plan was for a simple rectangular lino print, using thin paper which could then be adhered to an A6 card.

I made the mistake of not leaving enough of a border on the lino block which meant it didn't ink up cleanly and I wasn't really happy with the design either.  Rather than start again, I decided to use just the image of the bird and bauble, so I cut away most of the lino background and printed onto book pages. It would have been nice to have either some Christmassy text or sheet music of carols, but I made do with what I had on hand.

Lots of hand colouring, cutting and collaging.  I think I made just under 30 in total.

First attempt - lino block and print

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Folded pocket book update

The pink and green booklet in my previous post has been transformed into a teeny, tiny album for a new great granddaughter.  A band of toning paper covers the spine and one of my paper flowers has been added to the front.  A couple of photos of mother and baby have been popped into the pockets to start it off.