Tuesday, 5 April 2016

A belated start ...

For a number of years I have been pondering on the joys or tribulations of starting a blog, but have kept putting it off. I am now about to take the plunge (technophobe that I am) – let's see how it goes!

My artistic output is meagre as far as finished, presentable work is concerned, but I spend a fair amount of time “playing” and experimenting with my not inconsiderable stash of art materials. This blog, therefore, is likely to include a few older paintings and sketches to start with, along with my current dabblings, in an effort to provide a reasonable flow of content. I hope to post on a weekly basis – at least it's a target to aim for.


  1. As a proud owner of some of Sonia's creations, I am looking forward to visiting her blog to enjoy ongoing projects.