Friday, 17 June 2016

Still Life "in the style of ..."

At our art group evening workshop next week the challenge is to produce a still life “in the style of ….” and we have been given a choice of six well-known artists. Watercolour being one of my favoured mediums, I have chosen Shirley Trevena.

A recent bouquet of lilies from my son, displayed in a rustic pot from America, was the starting point for my sketch – imagination provided the rest. As time is limited at the workshop it helps to plan ahead, so I have my subject drawn on watercolour paper (partly in graphite, partly in watercolour pencil) and for some random pattern I have used a homemade foam stamp with gesso in some areas. The latter should become more obvious once colour washes have been laid over. On the evening it only remains for me to try and emulate the looseness and vibrancy of Shirley's work – that's the hard bit!


  1. A difficult challenge indeed! Looking forward to seeing final result!

    1. Hi Pat, Hope the planning hasn't sabotaged the spontaneity!

  2. I love Shirley Trevena's work. My money is on your success. Your shapes are ones she uses so this will be exciting for me to see. Enjoy the process!