Saturday, 17 September 2016

Chaos in the studio

Still trying to get work completed for the October exhibition.  I decided to start two paintings of the Japanese anemones - one to be fairly loose, the other more controlled, my reasoning being that I'd have two chances at getting one worth framing.  I wasn't happy with my background attempt on the loose one (pictured below), although I may try and solve that at a later date.

Japanese Anemone - temporarily abandoned!
There is also a collage "simmering" on the sidelines - it is almost there, I just need to bring all the elements together.

Collage bits and pieces

..... and to add to the chaos, I have started another watercolour floral from this rose sketch.

Roses - pencil sketch

At least I will have three titles to add to my entry form - with a few days grace to finish the pictures to fit!

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