Friday, 7 October 2016

Derwent Drawing pencils

Another little foray into drawing materials.

I recently came across some videos about drawing materials by Judith Logan and liked the effects she achieves in her work. A trip to the art shop this week had me picking up a handful of Derwent Drawing pencils to see how they would work for me.

I tried them out in my watercolour Moleskine, on a whiter, smooth drawing paper and on black paper (a Frisk Black Pad).  I also tested them over light washes of watercolour and gouache.  I believe there are only about 24 colours available and they all seem to be fairly muted.  Overall, I preferred them on the black paper, but on my little flower sketch I attempted to brighten it up a bit with a couple of Stabilo Softcolour pencils and hatched in the background with a silver metallic pencil.

Some further experiments needed, I think.  Has anyone else used these successfully?

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