Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Pen and wash sketches on Hahnemuhle paper

With the theme of this month's art group evening meeting being "pen and wash" I took the opportunity to try out the Hahnemuhle Britannia hot pressed watercolour paper.  Rather than attempt a detailed painting, I decided to use slightly different media with three different sketches.

I used very wet washes of watercolour and the paper relaxed a little, but soon flattened as it dried.  I was able to add several subsequent washes in places, as well as lift colour easily without any adverse affect on the paper, and the colours stayed bright.

These three sketches are approximately 6" x 4", the images were from plein air sketches I had completed quite some years ago.

This is pencil and wash, rather than pen and wash
Black Pentel brush pen and watercolour

Rotring Art Pen (with water soluble sepia ink),
brown Graphik Line Painter and watercolour

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