Sunday, 28 May 2017

Mini Collage Book

I have finally completed my mini collage book. I didn't start off with any particular theme in mind, except that I used pages from a paperback printed in a Far Eastern language as the base for each collage.

To recap: the book measures 4” x 5”, using black paper with a glued spine. The covers have been collaged with book pages, teabag paper, leaves, printed tissue, gesso and a postage stamp. A printed paper band acts as a closure.

The 17 collages measure 3” x 4” and utilise the small sample pads of paper sent to me by Hahnemuhle. These were coated with gesso on both sides then collaged with book pages, printed tissue, teabag paper, stamps and tiny sketches, with varying additions of paint, ink, pencil, texture paste, fabric and thread. Instead of gluing the collages into the book, I used transparent photo corners which worked quite well.

The final four collages

The completed book


  1. Sonia! very nice book and I am intrigued by transparent photo corners! I will add you to my blog list!

  2. Thank you for adding me to your list, Cat. I will have to get around to doing some reciprocal links on my blog. I wasn't quite sure in which order I wanted to add my collages to the book (or even change them for new ones), so the photo corners allowed that flexibility.