Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Coloured pencil on black

Following on from my post of 10th June.... Despite my oriental poppies producing about 30 buds, I only managed to save one other specimen for another quick study – the rest were decimated by heavy showers almost as soon as they opened.

Oriental Poppy

Having seen some YouTube videos about coloured pencil on black paper, I decided to give it a try. I don't have an extensive collection of pencils, just an odd assortment of freebies acquired over the years, but I was intrigued by this artist's use of white pencil as a base layer for most of the subsequent bright colours.

I found it difficult to get a true colour scan with the black background, if anything the scans make the colours look brighter than they actually are. I don't have any Prismacolor pencils and I could not get a dense enough white layer with the Luminance one I used. (An excuse for a trip to the art shop!) I had the same problem with the dogwood, but here I used dry watercolour pencils for the leaves which I think produced a richer finish.

Chinese Dogwood

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