Thursday, 3 November 2016

Handmade books and cards

I really enjoy spending an evening randomly painting and printing sheets of paper to use for folded books and special occasion cards.  Things can get quite messy and sometimes an unpromising start can turn out to be really effective.  These are some of the results of my past efforts.

Outside front - folded size 3.5" x 5.5"

This is made from one sheet of paper - no glue or stitching needed - but both sides of the paper are painted differently to highlight the folded nature of the book.  (The greetings and floral motif on cream paper were printed on the computer and added separately.)

Handmade card and envelope - approx. 4.5" square

Origami box with paper band (approx. 4" square)
This was difficult to fold neatly, I should have used a much thinner paper.  Again, the paper was painted on both sides in toning colours.  It opens up like a little box to reveal a separate folded message inside (unfortunately I forgot to photograph that bit before I put it in the post!).

Folded card with paper buttons (outside)

Similar to the blue one above, but with paper flower insert

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