Monday, 5 June 2017

June Sketch Outing

This month we met up at the Glue Pot pub in Swindon's historic Railway Village.  The village was built 170 years ago to house the families of the employees of Brunel's famous Swindon Railway Works.  We were able to sit outside in the sun and sketch some of the surrounding buildings.

A warm-up sketch of The Platform

The Platform is currently used as a Youth Centre and community venue, but was originally called The Barracks and provided lodging for single male railway workers in Brunel's day.  However, in the late 1800's it was converted into a Wesleyan Chapel, and in more recent years served as a museum.

The Mechanics Institute - pen on gesso printed background
A while ago I had randomly printed some foam stamps on a page of my Hahnemuhle Grey Book - I thought this might provide an interesting background for this sketch.  I used a fine pen which doesn't show up very well on the page, so later at home I added further penwork and some watercolour washes in an attempt to bring out the subject.

Further penwork and light watercolour washes
This building has been derelict for quite some years, with windows broken and boarded up, so I took the liberty of re-instating these after researching old photos.  There is much local interest in restoring this building to its former glory, but it is all a question of finding the necessary money.

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